SCHOOL with hope

Ewuaso Osiligi School is open again!  In June, 2019, the move was made from temporary facilities to permanent ones.  Ewuaso Osiligi School has eight classrooms, a library, and a technology room.  Newly constructed are an office for the Principal and Assistant Principal.  A conference/lounge for the teachers has also been completed. The library is furnished and accepting books daily.  The dedicated staff at the rescue center and school include three guards, a social worker/house mother, two cooks, six teachers, one head teacher, and a director.  The dormitory is able to house 120 girls, and the school can accommodate 240 students.  Tuition paying local boys and girls are welcome at the school as day students.  Joining the 43 rescued girls are 17 more students from the surrounding area.  Electricity is provided and good water is available.  Plans continue to make Kenyan Schools of Hope a complete campus dedicated to excellent education and sharing the love of Jesus the Christ.  Ewuaso Osiligi School is giving hope today for a brighter future tomorrow.

Playing a game