2020 summary

The girls have returned and are rejoicing in being together again where they are in a loving setting, safe from FGM and FEM, and have the opportunity to go to school.  2020 brought some new skills taught at the Center to equip them for years to come in addition to further improvements on the campus. 

  1. Two new sewing machines were added and Kenyan seamstresses are instructing the girls in basic sewing.  
  2. Our on-site cook has been giving cooking lessons.  
  3. The girls skilled in gardening have taught the other girls to successfully grow vegetables.  
  4. Lessons have been given in the art of crocheting.  
  5. The gift of a generator along with the purchase of a refrigerator have improved life for our girls.  
  6. The security fence has been completed. 
  7. An entrance gate has been added.
  8. A retired Deacon is leading Sunday morning worship services and teaching classes for the girls.  
  9. The recent fund raiser was a success, with your generous donations.

The Kenyan Board of Directors and the American Board of Directors continue to work together to ensure the best in every way for the children.  Kenyan Schools of Hope also believes a Christ based education of both boys and girls is essential in changing the cultural acceptance of female genital mutilation and forced early marriage.  At Osiligi School the saving love of Jesus is paramount.   

General improvements are on-going if you prefer to support improvements on campus and sponsors are needed for the new girls who are being rescued.  Please prayerfully consider helping with these urgent needs.  Any amount will help!