2020 update

In October of 2016, 12 acres were purchased near Ewaso-Kedong, Kenya.  In January of 2020, there are 33 rescued girls, living in a beautiful dormitory, receiving nourishing meals, and attending a fine new school.  They no longer need to fear being mutilated with genital cutting, or being married to an older man as his fourth or fifth wife.  These girls will not be married off because there was no money to pay for school fees, and they will not be sold for goats or cows or water.  Every day Kenyan Schools of Hope carries hope into the lives of young girls.

The dedicated staff at the rescue center and school include three guards, a social worker/house mother, a cook, five teachers, and one head teacher.  The dormitory is able to house 120 girls, and the school can accommodate 240 students.  Tuition paying local boys and girls are welcome at the school as day students.  Electricity is provided and good water is available.  The girls are healthy and full of hope today for a better future tomorrow.

The Kenyan Board of Directors and the American Board of Directors continue to work together to ensure the best in every way for the children.  Kenyan Schools of Hope also believes a Christ based education of both boys and girls is essential in changing the cultural acceptance of female genital mutilation and forced early marriage.  At Osiligi School the saving love of Jesus is paramount.   

With your generous support in 2019, the security fence is being completed.  Other necessary items also need to be funded such as a cistern and a greenhouse for producing food in view of Kenya's current locust plague. Please prayerfully consider helping with these urgent needs.  Any amount will help!