The girls have returned from the holiday break, and academic studies are paramount.  The national examination takes place in March for qualification to attend high school.  The students in the eighth grade are studying diligently to prepare for this event.  Those who do not qualify will continue at the Center learning an employable trade. 

We are thrilled to report the school building is complete with eight classrooms including an office for the Head Teacher and Deputy Teacher and a conference/lounge for the teachers. The  enrollment for the school is 60 students which includes 45 rescued girls.  

The Kenyan Board of Directors and the American Board of Directors continue to work together to ensure the best in every way for the children.  Kenyan Schools of Hope also believes a Christ based education of both boys and girls is essential in changing the cultural acceptance of female genital mutilation and forced early marriage.  At Ewuaso Osiligi Center, the saving love of Jesus is paramount.   

General improvements are on-going on campus and sponsors are needed for the new girls who are being rescued.  Please prayerfully consider helping with these urgent needs.  Any amount will help!