new fall 2020 UPDATE

kenyan schools are opening

and girls are returning!

Rescued girls will be returning after living with their guardians during the worse of the pandemic.  Kenyan Schools of Hope is offering safety, hope, and education to girls escaping female genital mutilation and forced early marriage.  In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and in compliance with the directive of the Prinicipal Secretary Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, most of the girls left to live with their guardians.  Now, a new report about them is full of hope.  And the latest news is they will be returning soon!  The fourth grade students have been permitted to return to school, and the rest of the classes will resume on November 2nd.

Our Social Worker has been visiting girls that live close to the area of our center.  Other visits to distant and remote areas have also reassured us that our girls are safe.  Efforts are being made alongside the area Chiefs to bring them home to the Center. Many of the girls are asking to go back to join the eight girls who were allowed to remain on campus last March and now their wish is coming true!  

Our commitment has not changed.  Kenyan Schools of Hope will continue to be a place where rescued girls are welcome and have a place to feel safe, be loved, and the opportunity to reach their potential.  The day is soon when the rescue center and school may be fully open to both former and new girls, who can then be full of hope today for a better future tomorrow.


Rejoice! Returning to class!

Vision and Purpose

Kenyan Schools of Hope believes every child should have a place to feel safe, be loved, and have the opportunity to reach their potential.



Hope Provided through

Jesus Christ

At Kenyan Schools of Hope we are providing for young girls a sanctuary from female genital mutilation (FGM) and forced early marriage (FEM).  Both of these practices dramatically impact the lives and well being of the girls and lead them toward greater struggles in life.  The hope, healing and protection of Jesus Christ can be found at Ewaso Osiligi Center.


Our location

Ewaso-Kedong is a Maasai village where loving safety and excellent education is being offered. With nurturing caregivers in a residence home and outstanding teachers in an on-site school, girls are given the opportunity to become valued members of their communities.