give safety. give hope.

give education.

We are blessed to offer a matching fund of up to $50,000 for your donation to be doubled through December 31, 2020!  Donate now!

The 33 girls at Kenyan Schools of Hope had just begun adjusting to a life of safety and hope when the global pandemic of COVID 19 struck Africa.  Thankful that a portion of the girls could remain on campus for the duration, we now look forward to the reopening of school in January when they all will be reunited.  As our girls return to campus, we anticipate unexpected transition expenses on top of our routine operational expenses.  Your gift will allow us to confidentially and quickly reacclimate the girls to our rescue center and school.  Rescuing new girls will again occur and welcoming arms will be there to offer unconditional love and security.

Please join us now to ensure a life of hope and possibility, while escaping female genital mutilation (FGM) and forced early marriage (FEM).

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Rejoice! Returning to class!

Vision and Purpose

Kenyan Schools of Hope believes every child should have a place to feel safe, be loved, and have the opportunity to reach their potential.



Hope Provided through

Jesus Christ

At Kenyan Schools of Hope we are providing for young girls a sanctuary from female genital mutilation (FGM) and forced early marriage (FEM).  Both of these practices dramatically impact the lives and well being of the girls and lead them toward greater struggles in life.  The hope, healing and protection of Jesus Christ can be found at Ewaso Osiligi Center.


Our location

Ewaso-Kedong is a Maasai village where loving safety and excellent education is being offered. With nurturing caregivers in a residence home and outstanding teachers in an on-site school, girls are given the opportunity to become valued members of their communities.