Our History

Since 2008, Trinity Ablaze in Kenya (TAIK) has led numerous mission trips to Kenya serving in many different locations. Our primary focus has been to share the gospel of Jesus Christ as Savior for all. At the same time, free vision clinics have been offered in partnership with the Kenyan Ministry of Health. Through the years of service, excellent relationships have been developed with the local Christian men and women and the professional health care providers. Friendships have thrived and trust has grown. By the end of 2023 with a total of 80 free clinics, over 163,000 visitors have been seen by a professional ophthalmologist, thousands of persons have received distance glasses built to each individual specification, with more thousands of reading glasses also given away. In addition, over 3700 cataract surgeries have been authorized at no cost to the patient.

In 2016 we were approached by several Kenyans to help provide a safe and secure place for girls trying to escape the centuries old tradition of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and Forced Early Marriage (FEM). Together, we are a group of individuals spanning two continents, seeking to build relationships of effective support for the innocent. As is true for TAIK, Kenyan Schools of Hope operates under the umbrella of Vision and Mission for Kenyan Society, a mission society registered with the Republic of Kenya.

OUR Mission



The Kenyan Schools of Hope offers a refuge for Kenyan girls who are fleeing Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and Forced Early Marriage (FEM) in their homes of origin. It is estimated that 70% of young Maasai girls still undergo FGM, even though it is prohibited by law. The reasons are varied--family expectations, the possibility of a dowry, a rite of passage, poverty. The rescue center is known in Kenya as the Ewuaso Osiligi Center and provides a residential setting for girls who must leave their homes. Illiteracy and poverty are being reduced through access to education and mentoring at Ewuaso Osiligi School. Support is given for girls' and women's awareness of their basic God-given human rights, transforming negative cultural practices, and resulting in a more healthy community for all. Unconditional love and a sense of safety is essential to our mission.

Our Vision

"Bringing hope today for a better future tomorrow" is our vision for the children at Ewuaso Osiligi Center. For the girls seeking a refuge from FGM and FEM, we alter the trajectory of their lives from harmful traditional practices and hopelessness to provision of empowerment, education and tools for vibrant futures. Education through an on-site elementary school and empowerment through counseling and mentoring will provide a hopeful future to each girl. Learning the truths of Jesus as their Savior is essential for this hope. A residence home with nurturing caregivers and advisers provides a safe haven for girls who wish to further their education and avoid the banned customs of their ancestors. The possibility of reconciliation with their families is explored and encouraged if deemed safe. For the girls and boys in the Ewuaso area, excellent education is also provided. With friendships developing between all the students, the girls fleeing their home can experience a sense of belonging within the community. Enrollment at a secondary school, with the potential of university enrollment or career training, is part of the program at Kenyan Schools of Hope.


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