Become a Sponsor... change a life

Sponsoring a rescued girl provides shelter, food, clothing, and education. Sponsors will be given the name and age of the girl, her placement in school, progress reports, and written letters, if possible, from the recipient.  Developing a personal relationship with the girl is encouraged, but not required.

Donations may be made either annually or monthly.  The total cost for one girl for one year is $1200 ($100 per month). 100% of the sponsorship goes to support the girl.  

Also available are tuition sponsorships or shelter sponsorships for students.  Sponsorships of $600 per year ($50 per month) enables a child to attain either an excellent education or provides lodging and meals. 




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Last Summer in June 2023, I traveled to Kenya for my first mission trip. It was truly a transformative experience that left such a positive and lasting impact on my life. From the compassion, kindness, love, and hospitality of everyone I met and spent time with, I am filled with an abundance of excitement to return to Kenya this coming June.

One of the most memorable parts of my time in Kenya this past summer was when my team and I visited the Ewuaso Osiligi Rescue Center. I was immediately impressed by how God plays such a significant role in the girls' daily lives. Every morning and evening they dedicate their time to prayer and devotion, in which they take on the responsibility of leading themselves.

Likewise, when my team and I got to have more one-on-one interactions with the girls, I was amazed by how sweet, silly, and welcoming they all were, despite their backgrounds of challenging hardships of being subjected to FGM and early marriage. The amount of strength these girls have is undeniably an inspiration. Needless to say, they do not continue to face daily challenges from their past and present ones, but these girls still radiate an essence of God’s joy through their smiles and laughter. I believe this is just one example that shows the vast mountains God can move and the deep valleys He can rescue someone from.

I also remember a specific night my team and I got to spend time with the girls which makes me all the more excited for my return. It was on our last night at the Rescue Center, where we all roasted s’mores together. Something the girls had never had before. The amount of joy that was seen and shared that night as we all ate our s’mores, dancing and singing around the campfire, was such a memorable night. It is this specific night of shared joy and connection that I hope to share again, along with forming deeper friendships with the girls and showing them how cared for and loved each one of them is. These girls will forever be a part of my life and I will continue to pray for God’s love and blessings to overflow into each of their hearts and lives.

Sophia, Concordia University, Austin

I had been on two Kenya mission trips. I was aware of the school and the wonderful, life changing things that were happening there. On my third trip, I had the unique opportunity to go visit it.  It was amazing to see the girls who are benefiting from generous sponsors. The smiles were huge and the eyes were bright with hope. They love their school and joyously praise and thank God. We walked through their classrooms and it was sobering to see things on the blackboards referencing  things from their former lives.  It is unfathomable to comprehend how much their lives have changed. I always knew there  was an opportunity to sponsor, but I was deeply moved to do so immediately. There are very few opportunities in life where your money can truly make so great an impact. God is so good!


I had a friend randomly send me a message asking if I had a passport.  This message created a stirring in my spirit that led me to Kenya, Africa, with the Trinity Ablaze in Kenya mission team in 2023.  That trip filled me with so much joy for the people in Kenya that I couldn't speak.

I knew then that I wanted to support in some way.  I didn't get to go to the school; however, I got to hear stories and see pictures from the team members that did go spend time with the girls.  I currently assist leading youth in my community and felt led to help in their community as well. My husband and I decided to sponsor a girl at the school not long after.  I can't physically help at the school, but we can help in this way. Sponsoring one of these young ladies seemed small yet in a big way.  I hope that you will fill that same call, too!