The Independent Republic of Kenya was recognized in 1963 as one of the earliest democratic countries in Africa. The official languages are Swahili and English, with both taught in school; however, each people group also has its own tribal language. Ewuaso-Kedong is a village composed of predominantly Maasai people, whose traditional language is Maa. The word for hope in Maa is "Osiligi".  With respect for their heritage in the Ewuaso community, and by choice of the Kenyan people, the rescue center is called "Ewuaso Osiligi Center" and the school has been named Ewuaso Osiligi School. 

Leaders of the Ewuaso Osiligi Center are hosting community gatherings, where interested citizens learn of the long-term effects of FGM and FEM. Men and women are seeing the cruelty and damage inflicted upon their daughters.  Minds are being changed, hearts are being softened, traditions are being altered. A ceremony of passage is being reevaluated, when education and empowerment will replace cutting and submission. The desire to offer the girls a second "home" away from home is growing within the community.